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September 29, 2015

Homosexual... truthfully, I hate that accursed word for it be such a circumscribed context to it... it, it has such a negative connotation where everything revolved around sex. sex. sex. sex... was it the only thing that can be associated with a man who like me? what about my emotion? my feelings? my thoughts? my lifestyle? why does it always have to be with sex? why does it always have to be about self-fulfilling or even stereotyping? to have yourself to be looked upon by the so-called majority or the society only based on who you're fucking the other night over and over again. Hell! it's annoying to note that after aeons, we are still being dictated by the notion of symbolic-interaction.

George Herbert Mead proposed that everything is based upon the criterion of truth, our self of sense constituted, and the result of ongoing social process... unfortunately, after thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousand years ago, mother-nature should stop our great, great, great great ancestor from evolving into homosapiens. it would be very much interesting to imagine on what gonna happen if natural selection process made Ant as the prime species on this world. yeah. Ants.If I were to sum-up humanity in one phrase, perhaps the best would be as what Plautus said more than a thousand years ago; lupus est homo homini, non homo, quam qualis sit non novit (for man is no man, but a wolf, to a stranger. throughout history, humanity brings nothing but destruction to others. remember when spanish conquistadors decimated the Inca, Maya and Aztec civilizations? or when Caesar decided to burnt down the great library of Alexandria simply because he wanted to re-established the history, just like the ISIS destroying Palymra, Mosul, Nineveh and many other sites? Tuskegee, Soviet, Hiroshima and many more? it seems we have forgotten all these... all these while we tried to justify our act with either liberation, enlightenment, salvation, redemption, but yet, we chose not to use the right word for it...

this, so-called unnatural behaviours or acts, were used as the basis for labeling, for stigma. it's not the individual action, rather the social action which dictate who we are...

it's nauseating enough when a segment of population seems to favour pascal's wager. but, it's more sickening when they tried and tried and tried to imposed those believed to others... I have no qualm for anyone who keeps on seeing pareidolia, or, believing in pre-destination, or even subjugation... hey, it's your life, so it's up to you what you want to do about it... and for me, it's insulting for me to even considering pascal's wager, trying to comprehend pre-destination, or unfounded subjugation... that's me... If i could have the balls respecting your believes and thoughts, what makes you think that you could dangle your balls in front of my face each time and not expecting me to snap it off?

So perhaps we should start embracing ourself as gay, rather than a homosexual. after all, it's more than just sex. it's more than just that... it's about our life, our lifestyle, our emotion, our feelings.but hey, if u're happy with labeling urself as homosexual, by all means, it's all yours... for I'm always a gay men. 

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